Stop walking on eggshells, living in doubt and under pressure.  Start living in love and trust and dare to take your life back, through transforming your most important relationship.

You’re a successful, hard-working and loyal partner, but the years of hard work and supporting your family means you’ve lost yourself along the way.

  • Work and family pressures are eating you up and the pressure of being everything to everyone can make you feel angry, lost and despondent.
  • Perhaps you’re giving your all to help support family, leaving you with no time or energy for yourself and the things you enjoy.
  • Sometimes you feel criticized to the point that you feel you can’t do or say anything right, no matter how hard you try. So you stop trying.

You’ve probably tried talking to friends, maybe you’ve read self-help books, you might have even spoken to a counsellor or your GP. Or maybe you have no idea where to start. You just know that you want to save your relationship.

It can be really hard to live up to the expectations of significant others in your life. You can reach a point where you give up trying to communicate because nothing you do or say is right.

I bet you have a not-so-secret wish to be appreciated and validated as a worthwhile husband or partner? You’d do anything to keep your family together.

It’s my deepest passion to help reconnect people in relationships that are under pressure. Separation is heart-breaking for all involved, and divorce is expensive.

I want to help you:

  • Feel supported, not judged. I’ll help you communicate how you feel and what you need in a way that will help her to listen, understand and respond positively.
  • Decide on strategies to manage those difficult conversations, as well as your emotions in the moment, so you can speak up for yourself and your relationship, without fear.
  • Set some fair boundaries so that you can have time for you, as well as support the family, without feeling guilty.

As a private client you have access to a very specific set of tools and strategies as well as my hands on method of mentoring so we can achieve all of this (and more!)

By working together through my tried and tested D.A.R.E framework, we can achieve lasting change from our very first session:

  • Discover – Own it! Discover what lurks under your feelings of anger; how to communicate to feel heard, not misjudged; how to control what you can control.
  • Align – See it! – Align your values to how you live your life. When you align your values & beliefs to your behaviours, you can Dare2B you!
  • Renew – Think it! Renew your thinking, change the meaning you attach to events that would normally cause you to feel anger and frustration. Be confident.
  • Excel – Be it! Rekindle the fun and joy in your life – be happy as you attach pleasure to everyday activities. Feel connected and loving again.

I use a variety of coaching tools and modalities to help move you forward, including:

  • Extended DISC behaviour profiling (valued at $250)
  • Multiple brain integration
  • Conscious hypnosis
  • Emotional intelligence strategies

When we work together, you’ll receive:

  • 60-min private coaching sessions via Zoom or face to face according to your needs
  • Additional check-ins between sessions (as needed)
  • A recording or written summary of your session

This is for you if:

  • You’re a successful, loyal and hard-working partner
  • You’re ready to fix the problems in your relationship, starting with how you show up and communicate
  • You want to learn strategies that will help you today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life

After working together

  • You’ll regain that inner self-worth you thought you’d lost
  • You’ll have greater self-awareness and the ability to handle yourself and others with confidence
  • You’ll set some firm boundaries at work and at home so you can prioritise without feeling guilty
  • You’ll have a greater emotional intelligence and ability to show vulnerability and communicate your needs
  • You’ll have more energy for work, your family and yourself
  • You’ll have a toolbox full of strategies to have difficult conversations to emerge with a win:win solution

By the time we’ve finished working together you’ll have a totally new mindset about the way your life and key relationship can be, and you’ll be ready to make confident decisions about your future

Together we can make this happen for you. Your story is important to me.

To find out more about what’s involved, how the process works and if we’re a good fit, book in a free 15-min chat. And don’t worry, you won’t be submitted to any sleazy sales pitches or high- pressure tactics – that’s not my style.


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